Pink Tiger ~ Digital Painting Process

I’m just beginning my procreate journey, and actually my digital art journey as well. I did do one book project called Moongazing with digital painting. I used a Cintiq and Painter 12 for that project.  I am REALLY loving the iPad Pro, much more user friendly, crisp resolution and more streamlined (for me) than the Cintiq.  Procreate doesn’t allow as much oil painting like techniques as Painter but I find the interface so much easier to flow with so I am choosing to invest my time and learning into Procreate. With the release of Procreate 4 now they do do wet mixes which allow for a little more of a painterly feel.

This is my 3rd procreate painting and I’m feeling like I am starting to hone in on my favorite brushes (they are listed at the end of the video).

Also my first time playing with iMovie which was fun.
Thanks to my hubby for the beautiful vocals!

Track ~ Micah Blacklight

Digitally Painted with Procreate,  iPad Pro & iPencil.

Final image…

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