Jean ~ Digital Portrait Painting Process

I started off with a different brush on this one. I used the Dry Brush for the first half of the painting instead of the round brush I used for the last two paintings. I also made a thicker Nikko Rull brush alternate, which I really like, it feels like a flat brush with more paint on it.  You can see the settings at the end of the video. I also used Impasto 1, a brush I found online (apologies I don’t remember where I found it, I will post the link if I do šŸ˜‰

I do like where it ended up but I  didn’t get my drawing correct before I began the painting (which is a bad-habit I am trying to break.) I get in a rush to start painting but it ALWAYS takes more time when I do this, as I have to fiddle around more while painting to find the like-ness and form.

Digitally Painted Portrait with Procreate, Ā iPad Pro & iPencil.

Track ~ Micah Blacklight

The finished piece.

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