BARED 1 ~ Installation Video

This is the silent version of the video that was apart of my May 4th, 2018 Haines and Friends Fund Awardee show.


It is an abstract documentation of the first vignette in BARED.


BARED 1 is “The Collector”.
A a collector of comforts, protections, artifacts of old selves and stories.



BARED is a multi-media installation project involving stories, music, video, wearable sculptural fashion and large scale paintings. There are 12 vignettes that complete an overarching story of vulnerability and the generosity of spirit.


Process is an important part of this experience. Each vignette has its own story, color and theme. Each vignette goes through the process of an abstract painting that will be cut up and turned into a wearable sculptural fashion piece, which then will be the costume and concept for a large scale 12′ x 9′ figurative oil painting.

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